Here’s Why You Should Learn to Sew

Here’s Why You Should Learn to Sewlearning to sew

If you’ve ever thought of learning to sew, you might feel like the learning curve will be too steep or that only professionals can really make anything worthy of wearing, hanging, or otherwise showing off.  While learning to sew proficiently will take some practice and dedication, it is definitely worth the investment in time, energy, and money.  Though many think that sewing is only about clothes making, there really are a number of other applications that make this a worthwhile and potentially cost saving pastime.

Basic sewing skills can allow you to make throw pillows and covers as well as curtains for any room in the house.  Throw pillows aren’t always cheap, so being able to make covers for them that work with your furniture is a budget-friendly alternative.  If any of your windows are non-standard size, you might already know how expensive custom or oddly-sized curtains can be.  Making your own not only gives you a way to save money, but also ensures that you get curtains that really match your decor and personality.  For holidays and special occasions, you can make table runners and kitchen towels with beginner-level sewing skills.  Being able to really infuse your personality into your home with fabrics and prints that speak to you is a great way to make your house a home that reflects who you are.sewing thread

When it comes to kids’ clothes, sewing can be an amazing way to save money on pieces they won’t wear for more than a few months anyway.  Simple gathered skirts and pillowcase dresses for little girls can be knocked out in no time.  T-shirts are also fairly easy for newbies to conquer.  This can allow you to make clothes that reflect your child’s interests better than some store-bought clothing.  It also doesn’t take much skill to be able to embellish or otherwise personalize store-bought items and fancy them up a bit.  Add in simple bags (that match their cute new dresses) little girls can use as purses, superhero capes for kids of all ages, and blankets and burp cloths for babies and you’re still only scratching the surface.

Making flat sheets and pillowcases for kids is a breeze, too.  Fabric stores typically sell patterns that appeal to kids (including major brand characters) that you can turn into their favorite bedding in a snap.  You can also very easily create throws to accent sofas and chairs.  A little more skill will allow you to create upholstery covers and slipcovers.

Another reason to consider taking up sewing is the money it can save.  Sewing allows you to repurpose many items made of fabric and turn remnants into usable items.  Yard sale or thrift shop finds like curtains and bedding can be transformed into simple dresses or shower curtains, for instance.  This is in addition to the fact that homemade clothes and the other items described above are almost always cheaper than their store-bought counterparts–and better made in many cases, too.  There are some great sewing machines out there that are perfect for beginners on a budget as well as machines that do more than you can probably imagine.

One of the best reasons to give sewing a try may be the sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something new.  Making the most of a limited budget is also a reason to feel great.  Give yourself some time to learn and learn to forgive your mistakes, and there’s no end to what sewing can do for you.